Can I cut and colour my hair on the same day?

Yes. We suggest that you schedule your colour appointment first though.

Should I wash my hair before getting a colour?

No, there is no need to wash your hair prior to a colour service.

What if I don't like my haircut or colour that I received at Hair & Bodybliss

If you are not 100% satisfied you are more than welcome to come back for a complimentary colour with the same service provider or someone else.

How long does a colour last?

Colour should last 4-6 weeks, highlights 6-8 weeks. To ensure maximum longevity, ask your colourists which product best suits you. Using the right product truly makes a difference. Colour is a commitment and requires a little extra care at home if it's to retain its vibrancy and shine.


Is waxing painful?

Waxing is not completely pain free but our therapists make your experience as comfortable as is possible and the more you wax the easier & less painful it becomes. We use a very high quality french wax which helps with minimal discomfort.

Do you use hot wax or strip wax?

We use both wax types depending on the area being waxed. Hot wax is highly recommended on the more sensitive areas such as the brazillian,face and underarms and more. Strip wax is used on the less sensitive areas such as the legs,back ,chest and stomach etc.

How long to I wait between waxes?

Waiting 4-6 weeks is normal between waxes but it can be different for some depending on their individual hair growth. You will be advised at your appointment .

Can I wax while I am pregnant?

Waxing during pregnancy is certainly ok and is popular. Our therapists are trained to make this as comfortable and safe as possible no matter the area being waxed. 

Will I be sore after a Brazillian Wax?

Our waxing treatments should leave you with no discomfort. We use a very high quality wax and our therapists are all very experienced. We use hot wax on the brazillian area therefore no sticky residue is left. 

How much hair gets taken off in a brazllian wax service?

We remove as much as you would like . It is personal preference, some leave a small portion (Racing Strip or defined triangle) or it can be hair free completely. Clients can opt to have through the back cleared of hair also which is most common.


What do I need to do during a massage treatment?

The massage is your session, make yourself comfortable and do not hesitate to speak up if you want anything changed such as massage pressure,areas worked on or if you are too hot or cold. Our therapists truly do not mind.  It is about you. You can leave your underwear on if you so wish, your therapist will work around any items of clothing. You need to just relax and it will all unfold.

How will I feel after my massage?

Most people feel very relaxed. Some feel significant decrease in aches and pains. You can feel a little slow and mellow after but your energy levels increase and heightened awareness. An increase in water intake is essential which keeps the body's tissues hydrated and helps flush out any toxins released during the massage.

When should I not get a massage?

There are only a few conditions that would prevent you from enjoying a massage. You should not book if you have a fever, cold/flu or contagious skin infection. There are many conditions that your therapist may need to know about so she can adapt the massage to your requirements (i.e. arthritis or osteoporosis) or to avoid an area completely. It is a good idea to get a medical approval before you have a massage with conditions such as cancer, pregnancy or certain heart conditions. This doesn't mean you can't have a massage but it is better to err on the side of caution

Cancellation Policy

What if I need to cancel?

At Hair and Bodybliss we understand that situations arise that you have to cancel your appointment. We are a very busy salon for both hair and beauty treatments , and is therefore requested that if you do need to cancel your appointment, that you provide 24 hours minimum notice. This will enable another client that is waiting for an appointment to be scheduled into that appointment slot.
We understand that special unavoidable circumstances may cause you to cancel within the 24 hour time period and we will endeavour to rebook your appointment at a time that suits.

How do i cancel an appointment?

Call us at the salon, or go to our contact page and send us a message or use our salon texting system

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